Lindsey Schurman and Her Time in Liberia

“I can only hope I go through my everyday life caring about others in the ways I saw Liberians do” – Lindsey SchurmanLindsey Int Photo

The EHG Funds’ commitment to helping the community and the world abroad is a direct reflection of the employees of DentalXChange. Their unparalleled passion for wanting a better future for the children of our world has lead us to find like-minded organizations to help support; organizations like the Full Circle Learning Center.

Full Circle Learning was launched following the civil unrest of 1992 in Los Angeles, to help children caught in the maelstrom of the times. Its early volunteers from various community organizations served the Baldwin Hills neighborhood, working in space donated by the Baha’i community. They found the need for long-term, organic change and designed a curriculum that would help students develop a deeper sense of purpose for their learning and in their lives. The research-based, time-tested educational approach that was developed quickly attracted the interest of the broader learning community and is now taught all over the world.

In May 2016, Lindsey Schurman, Manager of Client Services at DentalXChange and a representative of the EHG Fund, went to Monrovia, Liberia to attend Full Learning Center’s Conference to see firsthand, the changes and challenges the Full Circle Learning has had to deal with to help that community.

We sat down with Lindsey and asked her to give some details about her trip.

How did you get involved with the EHG Fund?

I had been aware of the EHG Fund throughout working at DentalXChange and encouraged providers to donate based on their claim submission throughout my history with DXC but my involvement has been more recent, when I took the time to find out what Full Circle Learning is doing for the global community. In Liberia, I was aware of the difference they were making with girls in a community that is deeply impacted by gender violence.

What is the EHG Fund doing to help Full Circle Learning?

Teachers LibThe EHG Fund has helped to facilitate Full Circle Learning’s exponential growth over the last 10+ years. Specifically in Liberia, the program has only been in the country for 6 years and has grown to 81 schools with many more on the horizon. In August, they expect to hold a training seminar for 3000 teachers and school administrators, which will bring the school count to over 100 in Liberia.

What is the age range of the kids in school?

I met children of all grade levels K-12.

What is the curriculum that they are teaching these children?

Kids School yardThe curriculum is what is required by the state but when teachers are trained in the Full Circle Learning program they are able to shape it to include ideas that promote community building, leadership and humanitarianism.

Did you participate in any activities while at the conference or with the schools? 

I did participate in some activities at the conference. I sat with the Non-Governmental Officials at the conference and had an open guided discussion about how we can help kids incorporate the theme of the conference into their lives outside of the classroom. We also discussed facilitating the growth of the Full Circle Learning ideas in the classroom by getting involved with the teachers and administrators. We had 2 projects planned for our trip, 1 agricultural project and 1 marketplace project, but both were unfortunately canceled due to rain..

What was your favorite part of your trip?

It is hard to pick a favorite part. I think if I had to narrow it down, I would choose watching people (the ministry, teachers, school principals, and FCL) speak so passionately about what they want to change in Liberia’s current education system and what needs to change. It was inspiring!

What more can people do to help?

Be A CandleDonations are key for Full Circle Learning. Currently in Liberia, they are planning to host a training seminar for 3000 teachers and require funds to set this up and provide each school with Full Circle curriculum. Funds from the program go toward training teachers, providing them with the curriculum books and other resources needed to continue the program, transportation and food for the trainings, and a small stipend for staff of the program.

How did this trip affect you personally?

Lindsey withComing out of the trip, I have a much better understanding of life in Liberia and Full Circle Learning. On a personal level, there were multiple times during the trip I had to step outside my comfort zone in order to move forward with my day. One example, there was no running water is most of the buildings I visited, which meant putting water in your own toilet. I was able to see firsthand how communal their society is and how they work together for the betterment of their children. I can only hope I go through my everyday life caring about others in the ways I saw Liberians do.


We thank Lindsey for her efforts with the EHG Fund and for taking the time to talk to us. Lindsey has written a daily log for her adventures in Liberia and we will be featuring them each week on this Blog, starting next week.

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