Lindsey Schurman In Liberia – Day 1

Lindsey Int PhotoIn May 2016, Lindsey Schurman, Manager of Client Services at DentalXChange and a representative of the EHG Fund, went to Monrovia, Liberia to attend Full Learning Center’s Conference to see firsthand, the changes and challenges the Full Circle Learning has had to deal with to help that community. She was king enough to write a daily log so we can read about her adventures. 

Day 1 

I am now in Liberia! After 3 long flights, I’ve finally made it.

Getting off the plane we walked out onto the tarmac to board a bus and I instantly noticed the incredible humidity. It is very hot and rainy here. During my journey I was lucky to meet another man traveling to Liberia to see his wife. He really helped by getting me through the customs process. Upon reaching the terminal, we washed our hands and had our temperature taken; these are new requirements due to the Ebola outbreak over the last few years.

20160525_160316After getting through customs, I was a bit lost and confused. Thankfully, I was quickly greeted by Davidson, the Program Director of the Full Circle Learning – Liberia and Justin, a volunteer for the program, who helped me to the car to begin our drive to Monrovia.

20160525_160926We drove for about an hour from the airport to Sinkor, where the hotel is located, just outside Monrovia. Over the course of the drive, Davidson showed me different sites along the road. I asked questions about the war that took place up until 1995 and the impact Ebola had on the Full Circle Learning program as schools had been shut down at that time.

Due to the overnight flight I spent the afternoon resting. I look forward to meeting the other Full Circle Learning friends that will be arriving today.

After a wonderful resting period and dinner, I went for a walk with two of the girls that volunteer with Full Circle Learning. I was able to walk by their office and see the hustle and bustle of the early evening in Monrovia. The girls told me about the seasons and some about life in Liberia.

Tomorrow we will be participating in an agricultural project and I have planned another walk to see some more of the city with Betsy.

Check back next week to read Day 2 of Lindsey’s adventure in Liberia. 

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