Lindsey Schurman In Liberia – Day 3

Lindsey Int PhotoIn May 2016, Lindsey Schurman, Manager of Client Services atDentalXChange and a representative of the EHG Fund, went to Monrovia, Liberia to attend Full Learning Center’s Conference to see firsthand, the changes and challenges the Full Circle Learning has had to deal with to help that community. She was king enough to write a daily log so we can read about her adventures. 

Day 3 – Education as Community Transformation

Today was such an inspirational and information packed day that I don’t know where to begin…

20160526_095438After arriving at a wonderfully decorated hall done by the volunteers of the FCL we started off by setting up the presentation then attempting to assist with registration as people began to flood in right before 10am. Once again, we had been hit with very bad rains overnight that made the attendance of so many that much more special. By the time we began, most of the seating was full and we were still waiting for 2 schools to arrive.

The conference started with a bang featuring speeches regarding the current state of education in Liberia and how change begins with programs like Full Circle Learning, as well as a speech focusing on the integrity of the community and instilling this in the children beyond the classroom.

20160526_105134Next, children from all 5 schools in attendance sang a song together. Davidson then walked through the program, thanked all those in attendance and spoke of the goals of the day. We were then able to see a presentation by two schools, one a quiz setup by elementary school children about modes of transportation and a role play portraying the importance of personal character.

Teresa then gave a speech about the Full Circle Learning organization. We were taught so much about the history of the curriculum, the locations and projects made out of Full Circle Learning, as well as the ideals that impact students, teachers, and parents alike in building a better community. It was inspiring to hear about the growth in Liberia alone! Since 2010, Full Circle Learning has been brought to 81 schools in Liberia with more wanting to be involved! The programs impacted by the EHG Fund stretch 5 counties in Liberia and impacts so many lives. Besides Liberia, this program has reached so many other countries as well. The impact of the program was felt in the room as so many people came together to hear and learn more.Teachers Lib

After Teresa was finished we heard from a student and two teachers about the service projects completed in schools. Beauty shared a story about the death of her mother and the initiative and compassion shown by her students in her time of mourning. The children collected food and helped raise funds and brought it to the funeral home and mourned with Beauty during her time of need. The story brought many people to tears, me included.

The day continued on with an open discussion about changes that can be made by the teachers, organizations looking to enhance education and the students themselves. More powerful speeches were given relating to changing the community that included ideas from different sectors. The entire day flew by as we played clapping games instead of applause and heard jokes from the emcee.

The conference was such a success across the board! You could see the excitement for participation from each group of attendees. It was such an honor to be a part of today. And the next one is already in planning!

IBe A Candle finished my day by quizzing Teresa about her life experiences and the journey Full Circle Learning has taken over the last 24 years. Tomorrow, we visit schools and hope for no rain so we can complete a service project with the kids.

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