The EHG Madame Dorbor Scholarship Fund

The EHG Fund is proud to announce the formation of the EHG Madame Dorbor Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship fund will be awarded to three enrolling, 9th grade students to complete their high school education at an African school participating in the Full-Circle Learning curriculum.

To qualify as a scholarship recipient, an 8th grade student about to enter 9th grade must exhibit positive behavior, integrity, and effort toward academic learning. The recipient should be actively engaged in serving others and should be able to describe ways in which her or his learning contributes to others.

A teacher or administrator must describe specific strengths in terms of the student’s habits-of heart, integrity and moral character, academic work, possibly her or his artistic or musical talent, innovative thinking, and especially the student’s desire to apply strengths in service to others.

The school and/or family may submit an informal statement about the student’s level of financial need.

Madame Dorbor scholarships are offered through the EHG Fund, an in-house charitable arm of EDI Health Group (EHG), an American company that helps process dental insurance claims. EHG’s company founders have helped support a number of projects of Full-Circle Learning, spanning over a decade. Generations of children in multiple countries have benefited from the sacrifices of EHG’s employees and clients, who value equal access to purposeful, transformational education.

About Madam Dorbor

The late Madame Awena Dorbor contributed humbly to the good of the schools, the students and the future of Liberia. Her work as director of the Deborah K. Moore School carved a path for young children. Her voice rang out as she taught them to sing. Her creative ideas bore fruit as she taught them to apply their ingenuity to bring about peace, equity, health and comfort to their fellow beings. Her work touched the lives of those who benefited from the children’s efforts.

Madame Dorbor’s diligence, devotion and resolve as a transformational Full-Circle Learning educator also inspired peers she helped behind the scenes as well as the many teachers she continually trained in her spare time. She did not announce her acts of service but, rather, let them unfold as ripples in a river, quietly feeding each plant that grew along the shoreline with love, faith, humility and kindness.

Imagine what the world would be like with thousands of “Madame Dorbors” in each community. This scholarship seeks students who will, indeed, learn through purposeful acts of service that flow as ripples in a river.

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