A Mission Coming to Fruition

The EHG Fund goal is to help raise a new generation of peacemakers, humanitarians, ambassadors, altruists and vision seekers, qualified to inherit the world. We try to achieve this goal by partnering and supporting organizations like the Full-Circle Learning Center. In 2021, the EHG Fund help support many of the projects Full-Circle Learning worked on in Africa. Below is a message Full-Circle Learning Center sent us:

Full-Circle Learning’s mission now enters its 30th year with a constant mission: To help young people embrace their role as society’s humanitarians and change agents. To do so, we apply the Full-Circle Learning model through five basic lines of activity: 1. Capacity building; 2. Community impact grants; 3. Wisdom exchanges; 4. Scholarships; and in extreme crises, 5. Humanitarian aid. Thankfully, the pandemic has relented enough in the regions we serve that countries have not requested emergency aid fund in 2021. The other four arenas have flourished with the expansive support of the EHG Fund!

Full-Circle Learning thanks the EHG Fund for our past shared goals and looks forward to our continued collaboration for the wellbeing of the world. May we continue bringing processes to fruition through the purposeful work of teachers and leaders and humanitarian change agents.

Over the coming weeks we will outlined some of the most profound impacts of that the EHG Fund’s support has helped the Full-Circle Learnings mission in 2021.

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